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Time for Turmeric

I love it when my body craves good things and I find it comical that of course I’d want something bright orange when Thanksgiving is just around the corner. No, no, it’s not candy corn, but it is festive and tastes like fall to me!

Carrot Ginger Orange

This juice is packed full of goodness. The star ingredient is turmeric.

Not only does the turmeric help give this juice its hue but because it is a powerful anti-oxidant and has great anti-inflammatory effects, you’ll be feeling refreshed and your skin will be glowing! Enjoy!


Turmeric Cinnamon Twist



4 oz Turmeric

5 oz Ginger

5 Large Carrots

4 Oranges

2 Apples: honey crisp or something similar 

2 tbsp cinnamon 

1 Hummingbird Glass Straw



Wash Produce

Peel ginger- turmeric and carrots

Process produce in the juicer

Strain then add cinnamon and mix

Depending on the size of your cup pick the straw that works best. I personally am loving the clear bent smoothie straws! At 12mm wide, these are the perfect glass straws for thicker drinks :)

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