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Need an Energy Boost?

Little Sippers Glass Straws

I recently moved from Savannah, Georgia to Fayetteville North Carolina. As a lot of you may know moving often kills the self-discipline of a healthy diet. We still haven't unpacked the pots and pans… lets get pizza. I’m too exhausted to cook anything... lets go out. 

Even when dinner would happen at home all I wanted was comfort food, which meant cheese and cream were becoming the go to ingredients. It all tasted so good, but rather than feeling reenergized by a good meal I felt like I needed a nap. 

Juicing always helps me get out of these ruts. Juicing, as opposed to simply eating fruits and veggies, allows us to separate fiber from the critical energy of the plant. With the fiber separated, live enzymes, chlorophyll and organic water have direct access to our bloodstream like an intravenous injection! Talk about an energy boost! 


And if you haven’t made the switch to glass straws you must. They are completely BPA free and won’t add flavor to your drinks as opposed to plastic straws. I love them and love that they are reusable and eco friendly. I’ve been able to find so many sizes and colors through Hummingbird. 

This is my go to Green Juice! Packed full with nutrients. Get ready to feel rejuvenated!


 2 heads of Romaine

3 Heads of Kale

4 Cucumbers

4 Green Apples

1 Bunch of Celery

1 ounce of Ginger

2 Lemons

2 Limes



Wash all the produce

Core your apples

Peel ginger 

Peel citrus

Process in Juicer


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