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Q: Will my glass straw break easily?

A: Actually, no. Remember those nearly indestructible Pyrex bowls and plates your mother and grandmother had? Our glass straws are made of the exact same stuff— borosilicate glass! This glass, which is naturally clear, resists chipping and shattering.

Q: Can you carry them with you to restaurants?

A: Please do! Those plastic straws used in restaurants are horrible for the environment — we dispose of over 500 MILLION of them every day. To take a glass straw with you, simply wrap it in soft cloth to prevent scratching, then you can safely carry it in your purse, backpack, brief case, or lunch box.

Q: Aren't glass straws hard to clean?

A: Our glass straws are dishwasher safe. You can just rinse them out after every use, but if you prefer to put them in the dishwasher, it's perfectly fine. We also send along a free cleaning brush with every order, just in case you get a piece of fruit from your smoothie stuck in there!

Q: Can you use a glass straw for hot drinks?

A: Absolutely. Whereas you can't use a plastic straw in a hot drink, a glass straw won't warp, crack, or melt. In fact, people with sensitive teeth love glass straws for this very reason.

Q: I really like the frog straws! But are they okay for my kids?

A: Glass straws are great for kids! Kids should be supervised when using ANY straw. That said, glass straws are resistant to chipping or shattering, so they're safe for kids (the same way a Pyrex bowl is safe for them to use). Some argue that glass straws may actually be safer for kids because plastic straws are known to leach toxic chemicals.

Q: What if it breaks? Will you replace it or refund my money?

A: We offer a 100% guarantee. While our glass straws are very tough and unlikely to break with normal use, we offer a full guarantee. If you're not happy with your order for any reason, just send the straw back and we'll replace it or refund the purchase price. No hassles, no hoops, just a good-old-honest, family-run company that stands behind its products.