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Flat Belly Smoothie

Flat Belly Smoothie: Hummingbird Glass Straw Recipe

Say goodbye to belly bloat and body inflammation!

I love this smoothie because I know I will have better digestion throughout my day and my stomach will feel flatter. This recipe is special because of fennel! Fennel has a faint licorice flavor and acts as natural diuretic. It helps reduce water retention and decreases inflammation in the body. So stop struggling with temporary weight gain or an unsettled stomach and give this recipe a try!




 4 oz frozen Fennel

4 oz frozen Pear

½ oz ginger

6 oz water

6 oz organic apple juice

½ tbsp agave or a drop of stevia

1 Teal Hummingbird Glass Straw



Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender and sip with your BPA-free Hummingbird Glass Straw!

 Hummingbird Glass Straw Flat Belly Smoothie Recipe 2

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